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Higher Mind Hypnosis

Jan 10, 2013 07:09PM

Every single patient should be informed that the mind has a huge impact on the body and there are ways you can take advantage of that. --Tracy Gaudet, MD, Duke Center for Integrative Medicine. 


Terry Gurley, Certified Hypnotherapist, assists her clients to attain optimal health and healing through the use of hypnotherapy, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), and life and nutritional coaching.  Terry can relate to her clients because she herself has overcome addiction to alcohol, food, and more.  She works with a level of compassion that only one who’s been there would have and she explains her unique and very successful approach to addictions.  Her clients have experienced great success by working with Terry, including one woman who lost 10 lbs from just one session, and another who quit smoking 3+ packs/day in the same timeframe.

Many clients come to Terry to lose weight because they want to feel better about themselves, which on one level makes sense.  But what Terry explains to her clients is that the opposite is also true.  When we feel better about ourselves, we more easily lose weight, or make whatever positive change that we are wanting to make.  Her favorite line from the movie, The Secret, is from Marci Shimoff, Terry paraphrases, “It’s not when you get the stuff that you feel better, it’s when you feel better that you get the stuff.”

There are many levels to our making positive changes – there is the physical level, which for weight loss, would be calories in and calories out, rate of metabolism, etc. And there is also the emotional level, which is the realm that Terry specializes in.  There have been many studies done regarding food and eating, and what science is realizing now, is how much our attitude around food and eating can and does greatly affect how our body assimilates and metabolizes the food.  Terry reminds her clients that the mind controls the body; it’s not the other way around. 

The same is true with healing; Terry describes her journey from victimization into healing from past car accidents and more.  On three different occasions, doctors have urged Terry to have surgery (neck, back, and shoulder).  Terry learned firsthand how our attitude can greatly affect the healing process and she explains how each time she was able to overcome the diagnosis. 

Her background is corporate, where she was in sales and marketing, and even then, she managed to find time to follow her passion and study spirituality and metaphysics, with an emphasis on the mind/body connection.  Terry brings examples from such sources as The New Medicine, a documentary created by neurosurgeons, and What the Bleep Do We Know, Down the Rabbit Hole, by quantum physicists, and The Living Matrix, a film on the new science of Healing.  As Terry says, “Science is now proving what many of us have known intuitively all along.”

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