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Set Yourself Up for a Successful New Year

Dec 31, 2012 05:28PM ● By Audra Erwin

As we journey forward into a New Year, take some time to reflect back on 2012. Consider what it meant to you, whether it is in your personal growth and expansion or your career and professional evolvement. It is important to acknowledge how far you’ve come and what you would like to see carried forth.

Identify any old and continued patterns and things that no longer serve you and resolve to leave them behind as part of the “old world”. A new world is emerging, and it is time to showcase your gifts and talents. All you need is within you now!

What would you like to see happen in your life this year that would make 2013 epic for you?

Set yourself up for success by first getting crystal clear on what it is that you truly want. Be as specific and detailed as possible. Vision boards are helpful, and are a great tool to keep you focused.

Understand why you want this for your life, and what it will mean for it to be realized and lock into that emotion. Our desires manifest quickest when our thoughts, feelings and actions are all aligned.

Acknowledge the things that could potentially come up to take you off track and keep you from your dream and create a plan of action as to how you will handle them.

Cultivate a strong support network of individuals who will help you keep your mojo when you feel like giving up.

Invest in yourself, hire a professional coach. Friends are a wonderful sense of support and well meaning, but tend to let you off the hook too easily. A coach is a personal accountability partner that can help you through those blocks and hurdles that keep you stuck.

Say goodbye to the status quo and live the authentic life that you were meant to live. It truly is the greatest gift you can give to yourself and the world.

Audra Erwin, “High On Life” Coach, is located in Melbourne. For more information call 321-243-2468.

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