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Supporting Health and Wellness with Feng Shui

Dec 31, 2012 05:25PM ● By Angela Davis

Health and wellness is central in the practice of feng shui, the ancient art of finding balance in our homes. So central, in fact, that it makes up the center ‘gua’ or area of the map of the home. This map is called a ‘bagua’ and is made up of nine distinctive areas with each area possessing special qualities. Imagine three squares stacked on top of three more squares, which are then stacked on top of three additional squares; this is what the bagua looks like. The central square represents health and wellness. Just as we work to protect our health in the physical world, so does this central placement of health and wellness in the bagua’s representation of our home. Paying attention to the health and wellness gua or area in your home can support bringing about the changes you want to make in your life.

So how many times have you started your New Year’s resolutions with “I want to improve my health and lose weight?” But you might say, “How can feng shui help me get healthy and lose weight? Isn’t it all about moving your stuff around?” Well the answer to that is yes and yes. For people ready to make changes, feng shui provides a means to visualize those changes. Placing their inspired intention in their space is a reminder to do things differently.

Start the process by bringing positive energy (or chi) to your health and wellness gua. Go to the center of your home. Stand there and look around. How does the space feel? What is housed in this central location in your home (a hallway, the laundry, a bedroom, the kitchen)? What can you bring into the area to get both the gua and yourself energized to achieve your goal? This is feng shui thinking.

The health and wellness gua is associated with the earth element so it is helpful to bring in earth items. This could be represented in square shaped objects such as tiles, rugs, picture frames, and art; even a washing machine and dryer are square. You might choose things made from earth such as clay or ceramic pots, the actual dirt in a potted plant or things that are the color of earth (e.g., browns, oranges, gold tones). You can choose items that offer positive energy and positive thoughts. Using images of the stars and sun can remind you that "my health is out of this world!"  Choosing funny stuff (laughter really is the best medicine) or religious objects (support from above is always welcome) can generate positive feelings. Consider removing items that are not positive for your healthy new vibrations such as dried plants. Feng shui is very literal so avoid anything “dead” in your health gua. Also avoid wood or green. The element of wood physically dams the element of earth so it keeps energy from flowing.

So this year, try something different. In addition to making that resolution to improve your health and lose weight, include a resolution to start the process by bringing positive energy (or chi) to your health and wellness gua.

For more information on Feng Shui, call Angela Davis, certified Feng Shui Consultant and The Green Feng Shui Lady, at 321-362-4375 or visit

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