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Quality Health Care

Dec 03, 2012 01:03PM

Dr. Deepti Sadhwani is a double Board Certified Physician of Internal and Bariatric Medicine. She established Quality Health Care, in Sebastian Florida, fifteen years ago. She has an enormous passion for her work and patients. Dr. Sadhwani is expanding her practice to a new Wellness and Fitness Center, which will specialize in weight management and hormone replacement therapy.

Dr. Deepti Sadhwani delivers "Predictive Medicine". Using the simplest of blood tests, developed by Eico Labs, the body's fatty acid level is determined . The ratio between fatty acids indicates your level of cellular inflammation. It is becoming evident that cellular inflammation is an important factor in determining a person's propensity to contract many of the major chronic ailments, such as obesity, diabetes, dementia and auto-immune disease. Dr. Deepti is an expert in the field of Bariatrics and Internal Medicine, specializing in weight management, hormone replacment therapy, and metabolism.

Deepti Sadhwani is a leader in promoting the integration of holistic and conventional medical approaches. She believes in her patients "owning their own health". The Wellness Center offers a physician led program of medical nutrition therapy. Her research over the last fifteen years has created an understanding of disease prevention through weight management and nutrition.

Dr. Deepti has extensive training in anti-aging, hormone replacement therapy and metabolism. The implementation of bio-identical hormones, emotional support and correct natural nutrition will lead you to a life of optimum health. Dr. Sadhwani endorses her own blend of omega 3 fish oil and is a firm believer in the tremendous effects of it's benefits.

The correct approach to exercise and movement is guided by her exercise prescriptions and monitored by her professional staff. Her philosophy of complete healing encompasses body, mind, spirit and emotions. The support of our life coach expert will enable patients to have the teamwork for success and empowerment!

For more information call 772-766-9978 or 772-228-8480. Quality Health Care is located at 8701 US Highway 1 in Vero Beach, FL.

Find out more by attending Dr Sadhwani's Workshop at the Health Living Expo: Why Diets Don't Work and How They Impact Your Well-Being

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