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Dear Santa,

Nov 30, 2012 09:22PM

Dear Santa,

You probably don’t hear from magazine publishers very often, as we are usually juggling a zillion things while trying to be five places at the same time. But we wanted to give you our wish list and share some holiday tips as well.

We must admit, an iPad would be a really cool “thing” gift this year, but that can wait. Instead, we share with you our heartfelt wishes and dreams for true and real gifts. They may be grandiose, but we believe they are part of the spirit that can be carried within us all as we move into 2013.

  • That as human beings, we may begin to truly value all people on this Earth and honor everyone daily with simple dignity, respect and hope for the future–and teach our children these ways by example.
  • That as citizens of this country and of the world, we can put our political and ideological differences aside and work toward lasting economic, spiritual and social healing.
  • That as keepers of the Earth, we may awaken to the realization that every action or inaction has an effect on seven generations ahead, and consciously work toward a healthier and sustainable environment for all creatures.
  • And that as part of the grand web of life, we may more fully honor and respect the beauty in all things and give thanks daily for this wonderful planet Earth that we call our home.

It gives us chills to think of the possibilities if these wishes start to manifest, even in a tiny way. Imagine the snowball effect if everyone were to make a small daily effort in these areas.

Santa, we’ve also left you a few copies of December’s issue of Natural Awakenings to enjoy with your almond milk and gluten-free cookies. Please give a copy to Mrs. Claus, as we know she’ll enjoy our Conscious Eating section, which includes lots of yummy recipes for healthy holiday treats. Pass your copy along to the elves in your North Pole workshop. We think they’ll want to read our main articles about conscious evolution: why we’re better together. And Rudolf and the boys should enjoy the Natural Pet article about critter companionship.

Oh, and Santa, one final thought for you. If while making your rounds this year, you find you’re missing a few gifts for all the good girls and boys, please be sure to visit our Natural Awakenings advertisers and distributors. They’ll help you find the perfect gift for everyone on your list. And if you want to save some money, please refer to the wonderful coupons and offers in our Holiday Gift Guide [page 20].

We wish you a peaceful and magical holiday season, and a world of happiness in 2013!

Kris Urquhart, publisher, and our Natural Awakenings Team


Special Thanks to Peggy Malecki, Publisher of Natural Awakenings Chicago edition, for the inspiration.