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Natural Awakenings Space & Treasure Coast Florida

Light Body Therapy Available

Oct 23, 2012 07:05PM

Ursula Caballero is expanding her work as a Light Body Therapist practitioner, adding The Meridian Point Activation to her practice. She is also expanding her practice to Cocoa Village Massage, where she will be offering free demonstrations of her work on Sunday afternoons, by appointment only.

“The Meridian Point Activation prepares the body to receive and adjust to the multidimensional frequencies of light coming into the planet at this time,” said Caballero, adding, “The meridian points are the energy vortexes within our physical structure that connects us to our planetary self, and our cosmic self.”

According to Caballero, the various new services offered include “The Reconnection, which realigns the Meridian Axiotonal lines of our body to the Axio lines of the Universe, and Reconnecting Healing, which focuses on an area that is diseased, allowing for regeneration back to balance. These light frequencies can help heal the body at the spiritual, mental and physical level, allowing better health, and help you move forward with your original intention in this lifetime.”

For more information, contact at 786-208-5148 or 321-631-5678. Keyword: The Light Body at or,

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