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Natural Awakenings Space & Treasure Coast Florida

Kasey Claytor, Wealth & Wellbeing Coach

Oct 08, 2012 11:05AM

Helping people find balance that includes prosperity and wellbeing is Kasey's mission. She will help you discover how you can move through your day with confidence in your decisions, a deep sense of joy in your heart, insights into your true nature, and an abundant life! By learning what money really is and how it works, and blending it with mind/body/spirit principles, you can blossom in all areas of your life! Kasey Claytor has been studying Ayurveda and wellbeing for many years. Ayurveda is an influence in her books. business, and programs promoting optimal living, which is increasingly important as we age.

Kasey has been a financial advisor and planner for 32 years, and at the same time she has been studying with Deepak Chopra. She is certified to teach the Chopra Meditation Course and is a certified Infinite Possibilities Trainer through Mike Dooley’s TUT organization. For years Kasey has studied methods to enrich, enliven, and bring balance to our lives. She believes in your power to grow in self-knowledge and awareness, making your desired states and situations not only possible, but highly probable.

She has lived what she teaches; she has built a thriving money management business, Osprey Money Management LLC., which uses her philosophy of making investing easy and simple, and with her abundant time left, she writes, speaks, coaches and teaches others to truly find peace and prosperity in their own lives. As an in-demand speaker, Kasey has presented this vital information at the Florida Women’s Conference, The Vibrant Women’s Conference, and her own blockbuster transformational programs. She has subscribers all over the world for her newsletters and inspirational e-notes. She is  the author of four books, just releasing her latest novel The Light of Grace, Journeys of an Angel.

Kasey can be reached at 321-383-4005 or 877-650-3796.

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