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Finding Balance

Aug 27, 2012 11:30AM

“Mom, I need more money on my card to buy books,” explained my college-bound son, Kyle. This is the first year we have a kid in college and finding all the hidden expenses has been quite an eye-opener. For example, who knew you had to have an electronic clicker to take exams? Kyle has always had good sense about money. He doesn’t feel a burning need to spend like some kids do. He only spends when he needs something for a specific goal. I remember making a business plan with him for a lemonade stand many years ago, however; I would have loved to make use of the tips in our Healthy Kids column on budgeting and saving.

For more ideas to keep your family healthy, be sure and mark your calendar; we’ve just set the date for our 10th annual Healthy Living Expo for Saturday, February 9! We are excited to make the announcement in this issue and look forward to returning to the Florida Tech Clemente Center which has been remodeled and has expanded parking. It is nice to know the attendees and exhibitors will be able to make connections in such an accommodating atmosphere.

Each year we start with a project plan and task list. This year we’ve added a special health task – make sure Kris has enough energy for expo day! It is such a fun day I want to be able to enjoy the event and mingle with everyone. I have felt my energy levels dropping over the years and have found help from a doctor of Functional Medicine.

According to the article in our Healing Ways column, “Functional Medicine, rather than simply ‘chasing symptoms’ while ignoring the causes, searches for and addresses environmental factors, nutritional deficiencies, genetic tendencies, biochemical dysfunctions and emotional and social stressors that can together cause the development of symptoms.” Previously called “holistic” or “integrative” this type of approach is right up my alley. My doctor has been instrumental in helping my nutritional deficiencies and hormones get back to their optimal level. I can feel the significant progress and am very optimistic about my journey.

For those who might want to consider taking the whole toolbox approach that Functional Medicine offers we have a list of local resources on page 25. Also in this issue we explore our creative side and the rewards it can bring. You’ll find the drawbacks of a wheat-dominated diet [page 26] and proven approaches for a safe, injury-free yoga practice.

Here’s to optimal energy and true balance!

Kris Urquhart, Publisher

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