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Health For Life

Aug 27, 2012 11:24AM ● By Beth Davis


Ten years ago, Sylvie Morin, a doctor of Oriental medicine, founded Health For Life, a unique medical center, in Melbourne, to help individuals reclaim their health with acupuncture, Chinese herbs and homeopathic medicine.


Dr. Morin’s journey began in Canada when her daughter, at six months of age, began experiencing health issues. Going from one specialist to another with no answers, Morin grew increasingly frustrated. “I asked myself what solutions I would be offered if I lived in a country with a different medical system,” she explains. “I looked toward the European medical system, found a practitioner familiar with homeopathic medicine and within 24 hours my daughter was better. I was inspired!”

Morin began studying and practicing homeopathy on family and friends until she and her family moved to the United States, where she furthered her studies. She obtained her master’s degree in acupuncture and Oriental medicine from the National College of Oriental Medicine, in Orlando, and became nationally board certified in acupuncture and herbology. In 2002, she opened Health for Life.

“When I started, it was just me,” says Morin. “I offered acupuncture, herbs and would deliver about 20 treatments per month. Today, I deliver 20 to 30 treatments per day. It has grown beyond my dreams.” The growth has been effortless and organic. “It just made sense to offer complementary modalities to help improve the overall health of patients.”

Today, in addition to acupuncture and Chinese herbs, Health For Life has a team of practitioners offering a variety of modalities dedicated to helping patients get well naturally. Individuals can take advantage of a comprehensive consultation that addresses their personal profile and allows for a root cause analysis, which finds the underlying cause of the problem and deals with it rather than simply continuing to treat the symptoms. Services available include Traditional Chinese Medicine, hyperbaric therapy, natural solutions to anti-aging, customized massage and skin care, non-surgical facial rejuvenation, weight loss and detox, nutrition services, prolotherapy, relationship counseling and more.

Lindy Pettet, a licensed aesthetician, joined the group more than four years ago and is trained to repair, restore and protect the skin’s health and beauty. She offers complementary skin analysis, gentle waxing, aromatherapy, customized skincare treatments and corrective and casual make-up application.

“The skin is the largest organ of the body and is an indicator of our internal health,” says Pettet. “A skin analysis will often pick up underlying conditions clients may not be aware that they have. I can help explain what is reflected in their skin and offer solutions at Health For Life to get them on the right path.”

“Waxing is very popular in Florida and educating clients is crucial,” she continues. “Waxing can be traumatic to the skin and cause long-term damage if not done properly. Post treatment is important—clients should not go in the sun or exercise immediately prior to or after, as it can cause hyperpigmentation. Specialty waxes and proper application will also ensure the skin’s protection and care.”

Dr. Ursula Olazabal joined Health For Life two years ago and brings over 20 years of career experience in hormone and reproductive health, psychology and neuroscience, prior to building an academic and practical foundation as a sexual health counselor and clinical sexologist.

Olazabal has the unique expertise to address the psychological and organic basis of medical issues affecting women, men and couples and specializes in health sexuality and intimacy awareness, marriage rescue, personal recovery from infidelity and divorce and the psychological/medical causes for sexual dysfunctions.

“Personal issues can have a significant impact on overall health,” she says. “The beauty of the multi-disciplinary team is that we can work together to find a solution. It’s very powerful.”

Kas Ghayal began his career as a registered pharmacist 26 years ago. He saw how one medication to help with one disease would then become a second medication to combat the side effects of the first medication and so on. After 20 years, the patient may be taking seven or eight medications and still not be healthy. Ghayal felt as if he wasn’t helping patients. After seeing a family member benefit from homeopathy, he decided to do some research. Within the past 15 years, his practice has evolved and he is now a certified lifestyle educator, certified diabetes educator and a diplomate in homeopathy. His experience in both Eastern and Western health modalities allows him to customize non-invasive, science-based, affordable programs for patients.

“People are often looking for an alternative to prescription medication,” Ghayal notes. “They are not aware of the homeopathic principle and are looking for a quick fix, but that’s not possible. We educate them that this is not an overnight process.”


Edward Cheslack, a licensed massage therapist and esthetician, specializes in diamond facials, Parafango mud wraps, facial rejuvenation with micro-current and light therapy and cellulite treatments. He also offers a variety of massage styles including deep tissue, bamboo, myofacial release, relaxation and lymph drainage.

“The benefits of massage therapy are numerous and include stress relief, managing anxiety and depression, pain, blood pressure control, boosting immunity and so much more,” Cheslack explains.


A key ingredient to the winning formula at Health For Life is education. Morin explains that the better educated the patient, the better they understand their healing process. It demystifies the holistic approach to healthcare. Since education is so crucial, the center offers free weekly lectures on a wide range of topics both in-house and off-site at Pro-Health Fitness and the Cocoa Beach library.

The center also features an herbal pharmacy with customized formulas that start to work within 24 hours and can help patients with the common cold, the flu, indigestion or eye, ear and urinary tract infections and more. “Chinese herbology is an art form unto itself used as a complementary therapy to bring relief and used to expedite the healing process,” says Morin.

All of the practitioners agree that bringing patients back to health is inspiring and what drives their passion. “Clients often tell me that when they are here, they don’t feel sick,” says Olazabal. “It’s a boost to their health. We all feel grateful to be a part of it.”

Health For Life is located at 402 N.Babcock St., Suite 101, in Melbourne. For more information, call 321-259-0555 or visit