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Furry Friends

Jul 29, 2012 10:46AM

Growing up we had Siamese cats. My sister, Laurie, got Teika; I got Tao (pronounced tay-oh). Tao was the runt of the litter; she was crossed-eyed with a crooked tail. Yet, she was one of the sweetest, most tolerant cats I’ve ever had. When I was a young girl I enjoyed dressing Tao in baby-doll clothes. One day after picking out just the right outfit, I placed her in my doll carriage and pushed her down the street to visit her “sister cat.” As an adult, I can’t imagine how that cat stayed in the carriage. I remember that she wasn’t happy to see her sister (even though I thought it strange at the time), so I decided to turn around and push the carriage back home. Yes, Tao remained in the carriage with doll clothes still adorning her feline figure.

Pets are known to enhance lives and reduce stress. I certainly find this true. As I write this my cat, Callie, is curled up at my side. She is my office cat and her main duty is to be within reach for petting at any time. She performs admirably and without complaint. I adopted Callie from a local pet rescue group. After spending many years volunteering at the Humane Society, I know first-hand how many animals truly need good homes. “The decision to adopt a dog should be treated with the same careful attention you use to decide where to live, whether or not to have children or if you wish to be married. This choice is just as life-changing and just as fulfilling as any other major life decision,” shares Caesar Milan, National Geographic Channel’s Dog Whisperer.

We are thrilled to feature Caesar Milan on our cover this month. Caesar was kind enough to speak with Natural Awakenings and share his philosophy [page 18]. Inside this special Natural Pet issue you will find advice for nauseous pets [page 20] and head-to-toe grooming tips that will help make cleanup easier for both sides of the tub [page 22]. You’ll also find no-fuss, stay-trim strategies for healthy eating [page 24] and natural ways to keep kids well [page 28]. I hope you find inspiration in this issue to help keep your family and pets happy and healthy.

Here’s to our furry friends!   

Kris Urquhart, Publisher