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Coastal Animal Hospital Offers I-Therm

Jul 29, 2012 11:01AM

Coastal Animal Hospital and Wellness Center announces the I-Therm. “The I-Therm is a revolutionary system that delivers heat to tissues resulting in increased blood flow by 1500% in the heated region,” says Dr. Baker. “The increased bloodflow increases oxygenation, nutrients and rapid removal of toxins from the affected tissues. A localized 'fever' of 41ºC is delivered to a targeted area reaching a depth of 15cm.”

Increasing blood flow using localized heat is beneficial in treating many conditions such as arthritis, partial tears in tendons and ligaments, neurologic disease, spinal cord injuries, ruptured intervertebral discs, fractured bones, cancer and kidney failure. It is also said to be useful in organs that are inflamed, such as, the pancreas, liver, urinary bladder, intestines and prostate.

Treatment is non-invasive and does not require sedation. “Generally the pets are very relaxed and enjoy the treatments as the heat is similar to having a heating pad applied,” says Dr. Baker. “The beneficial effects are often experienced after an average of three treatment sessions; although, many pet owners notice immediate pain relief and increased mobility after the initial treatment. The intended goal is to eliminate pain, or minimize significantly, and restore mobility in both acute and chronic conditions.”

For more information, call 321-632-3800. Coastal Animal Hospital Wellness Center is located at 545 Gus Hip Blvd, Rockledge.

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