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Natural Awakenings Space & Treasure Coast Florida

Insight into the Chakras Workshop

Karen Stresau, Brennan Healing Science Practitioner will be teaching “Insight into the Chakras” on Saturday, July 28th from 2-4 p.m. at Aquarian Dreams.

This class is designed to provide an understanding of how the body’s energy system works by focusing on the seven major chakras. Participants will explore where the chakras are, what they do and how they affect both your physical and emotional health. This class will also take a look at the disease process in each of the chakras and show how disturbances in them can be related to disease in the physical body. “I will teach how the chakras allow you to exchange energy with others, and what you can do to protect yourself from negative energy. You will also learn meditations to open your chakras and to keep them functioning properly,” says Stresau.

Aquarian Dreams is located at 414 N. Miramar Ave, in Indialantic. The cost of this class is $30. For more information call 321-543-8587, email [email protected] or visit

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