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Waddle Up


Waddles up girls!” My brother came to town recently which is always cause to break out the cameras for a family photo. My sister-in-law, Betsey, was helping us combat the dreaded “saggy neck” in our photos. So with a cheery spirit of camaraderie she initiated each photo with “waddles up girls!” It had the two-fold effect of tightening our look and causing us to break into giggles.

For me, feeling the effects of saggy skin, belly fat and hormone imbalance, the topic of hormones and anti-aging is a hot one. There are so many variables that knowing which direction to turn can be confusing. Women’s hormonal systems are as complex as men’s, although vastly different. But both genders can have their ideal hormonal imbalance upset by the presence of toxins and chemicals in our environment, food, and personal care products.

“The Environmental Working Group (EWG) estimates that the average woman uses at least 12 personal care products—including soaps, shampoos, cosmetics and lotions— every day, many of which contain potentially toxic ingredients,” states our Eco-tip column. For those of you who would like to reduce your contact with manmade estrogens, we have included a list of items to avoid on page 18. I’m happy to report I have a handle on most items in the list, but as usual, there is room for improvement!

According to Kathleen Barnes in our feature section, [page 15] hormones impact every aspect of health—including metabolizing food, proper immune function, physical and emotional responses to stress and the aging of cells. I have certainly experienced this in my life. I find the advice of my integrative health doctor a valuable tool in my health program. She is my partner in devising a plan to get these hormones back in balance. To help you find the resource that is right for you we’ve included information on some of the best practitioners and products in our area.

This issue is jam-packed with information, resources, and tips to get you started on the road to naturally balanced hormones. You’ll also discover how to eat healthy away from home [page 30] and tips for healthy escapes in the Sunshine State [page 32]. In the meantime, remember… “Waddles up!”

Here’s to healthy aging,

Kris Urquhart, Publisher