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Law of Agreement Tour with Tony Burroughs: Aligning for the Highest Good

Apr 29, 2012 10:51AM ● By Linda Sechrist

When Tony Burroughs, author of The Code and The Intenders Handbook: A Guide to the Intention Process and the Conscious Community, chose the subject for his latest book, The Law of Agreement: Discover the True Power of Intention, he decided to focus its content on what would help readers understand how they could stop reinforcing belief systems that have run their course. “I wanted people to learn how the Law of Agreement could be used to do this, as well as how it works on all levels of life—from personal beliefs around money, relationships and health issues to longstanding collective, global belief patterns,” says Burroughs.

The Law of Agreement means that our acceptance of any belief or idea makes it stronger. Conversely, when we refrain from lending our agreement to an idea that isn’t likely to give us the results we want, we simultaneously dilute and weaken its power over us and over everyone else. To clarify how the law works, Burroughs offers an example: If one person believes it’s a good idea for everyone to jump off a cliff, it’s unlikely to happen. However, when 100,000 agree that it’s a great idea, people will line up at the edge of a cliff, waiting for their turn to jump.

No belief would exist for long without consensual agreement. Burroughs offers two examples of common agreements that most of us have made throughout our lives: I need to work hard to get what I want, and I’ll be happier if I have a lot of money. He suggests that it is wise not only to reexamine these beliefs and withdraw our agreement, but also to take a closer look at subtle “moments of agreement,” when we buy into scenarios and situations that aren’t serving us, or when we fall for old tricks, such as the Separation Scam, which is used by politicians.

“Also known as the Us Versus Them Game and the Divide and Conquer Ruse, the Separation Scam requires constant maintenance, because it relies upon people being distracted every step of the way from their true nature, which is oneness with everyone and everything,” Burroughs advises. “To the extent that we allow ourselves to be distracted, we will be steered away from how good it would be if we all worked together as One.”

Burroughs offers this “how-to” example from his latest book: “The more you align yourself with the Family of One, instead of a country, race, class, religion or party, the sooner your fears will subside and the closer you will come to experiencing your greatest happiness.”

“We are living on the cusp of a great change and are being called upon to make a difference in our world,” emphasizes Burroughs. “We all have the option, at any moment, to agree with what’s going and thus add to it—or to withhold our agreement. The release of each outdated agreement brings more freedom.”

Tony Burroughs will host an Intenders Circle at 6:30pm, May 12, at Aquarian Dreams 414N. Miramar Ave Indialantic.$25. Call 321-729-9495. For more information on The Intenders of the Highest Good 2012 Law of Agreement Tour, visit

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