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Green Carpet Cleaning Helps Allergies

Greenway Carpet Care is offering spring carpet cleaning which is particularly helpful for allergy sufferers. “Carpet cleaning studies reveal that up to 95% of biologicals and allergen, including dust mites, mold, mildew, cat dander, cockroach, and fungi, are effectively removed with just one cleaning,” states owner Tim Bagby. “Homeowners often report improvement in headaches, nasal congestion, and other allergy symptoms after having their carpets cleaned. This is especially true when plant-based, low moisture cleaners were used.”

According to Bagby, carpet actually acts as a giant air filter to effectively trap pollutants from the air in your home. Without carpet, allergen tends to remain airborne or settle in upholstered furniture, pillows, mattresses, etc.

For more information on allergies and non-toxic carpet cleaning, call Tim at Greenway Carpet Care, 321-406-9213 or visit