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Laser Application for Pain Management

Feb 29, 2012 01:57PM ● By Idler Bonhomme, LPT, MPT

A physical therapist’s use of modalities does not cure but rather facilitates the normal process of healing that an individual may possess. Laser therapy has been proven to be effective in aiding the proliferation of essential cell activity necessary for healing. In addition, diet, lifestyle, and education are all significant contributing factors to healing and recuperation.

The basis unit of light is the photon, which is the energy in any electromagnetic field made of discrete particles. When a therapist applies laser therapy to the body, we are actually applying energy to the tissue. The therapeutic window of laser light wavelength is 600-880nm. At this window tissue absorbs the light through photochemical reactions, which are then absorbed by structures within the mitochondria in the cells effectively stimulating healing and rapid pain relief. The micro-current stimulates the production of ATP (energy molecule), as well as, facilitates the transfer of information between the source of pain and the brain, allowing the body to repair and heal. As a result, local physiological changes become evident, namely muscle relaxation, improved range of motion, and improved circulation.

Low Level Laser combined with micro-current electrical stimulation therapy has fewer contraindications than other modalities for certain patients, such as those with pacemakers, implants/metals, and/or decreased circulation.

Idler Bonhomme, Licensed Massage and Physical Therapist of Physiotherapy Plus, Inc, provides physical and massage therapy services for medical and wellness issues, as well as, home physical therapy and outpatient services. He offers fee-for-service treatments for those without sufficient insurance at a cost of $17 for 15 minutes. Experience a free pain relief demonstration with the LaserTouchOne on Thursday afternoons. Physiotherapy Plus, Inc., conveniently at 51 NW Carolina St #103 West Melbourne, (off US-192, one block west of Dairy Rd). 321-956-7083.