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Natural Awakenings Space & Treasure Coast Florida

Yoga Teacher Training Featuring Groundbreaking New Book

The 2012 Kali Natha Yoga 200-Hour Teacher Training Program begins February 25 and features Ma Jaya’s book, The 11 Karmic Spaces: Choosing freedom from the patterns that bind you.

The book reveals how and why most of us become stuck by karma—our habitual patterns of action and reaction. Ma Jaya teaches us that though karma is a spiritual law, we do not have to be bound by it. Through awareness and intuition, it is possible to make choices that free us from karma. Students will deepen their understanding of karma and explore the practical techniques described in the book.

Kashi School of Yoga, 11155 Roseland Rd, Sebastian. For information on Yoga Teacher Training Programs, see or call 772-589-1403, ext.109. The book is available on line at