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Natural Awakenings Space & Treasure Coast Florida

Affordable Spa Announces New Treatment

Affordable Spa is proud to announce our newest treatment; Pacific Glacier Therapy.This exclusive cryotherapy is highly therapeutic. Using a proprietary blend of essential oils and cold massage stones, the therapist glides cold stones along the body followed by a warm hand to keep the client comfortable during treatment.

“The application of cryotherapy results in a drug-free anti-inflammatory,” explains co-owner Shandra Artura. “It also exercises blood vessels by alternating vasodilation with vasoconstriction; thereby, stimulating the immune system to increase leukocyte production which aids in fighting infection. The essential oil blend is absorbed by the skin to further increase the anti-inflammatory effect and provide natural pain relief.”

Artura shares that Pacific Glacier Therapy can help reduce inflammation due to muscle soreness or tendonitis, reduce recovery time from injury, ease migraine headaches, and relieve arthritis and menstrual pains, and helps kick start the immune system by increasing lymphatic flow.

This treatment is also very useful for recovery from sporting events, marathons and great for fitness enthusiasts. For more information and appointments call 321-452-0111. Affordable Spa is located at 2062 N Courtenay Pkwy Merritt Island and offers a wide range of massage modalities, as well as, a full complement of Spa services at very attractive prices.Visit them at