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Energetic Frequency Treatments

May 27, 2011 05:08PM

Peter Holyk, MD of Contemporary Health Innovations, Inc offers a way to tap into your body’s “innate intelligence” and determine what it specifically needs to become and stay balanced. “Your body needs energetic frequencies called low-level, Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequencies (PEMF’s),” explains Holyk. “They are so critical that every astronaut has a PEMF device in their spacesuit.”

Holyk uses the ONDAMED® which employs pulse biofeedback called the Vascular Autonomic Signal (VAS). Using an applicator, the ONDAMED® scans through focused electromagnetic fields while the operator reads your pulse (VAS) to determine which frequency is most significant for you at that time.

“Applying these selected PEMF's has been shown to turn on and recharge your cells, improve microcirculation, increase oxygenation (up to 200%), decrease inflammation, improve lymphatic flow, help in nerve regeneration, help pain management and many other health promoting benefits. In other words, it makes everything else you do work better,” states Holyk.

Peter R. Holyk, MD, CNS is located at Contemporary Health Innovations, Inc., 600 Schumann Drive, in Sebastian. For more information and appointments call 772-388-5554 or visit

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