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Joanna Helms, B.A., RH (AHG): Herbal Clinical Practice & Professional Dispensary

Apr 27, 2011 05:33PM

Mama Jo’s Sunshine Herbals


Mama Jo’s Sunshine Herbals is a unique family run, community retail herb store and professional dispensary offering a wide variety of bulk herbs, over 200 hand-made herbal products, including soap, tinctures and delicious tea blends. They also carry essential oils, culinary spices, unique jewelry and tea brewing accessories.

Joanna Helms is a traditional Registered Herbalist specializing in the medicinal use of plants with over 15 years of experience. Joanna assists women of all ages in her clinical practice. She consults women in their growth from childhood to puberty, nurtures their progression through the birthing and reproductive years, and eases them through the transition to wisdom years.

Joanna finds that 15% of the population will have a more challenging time through any of the hormonal years, whether just coming into them, in the midst of them, or experiencing peri or post menopause. “80- 85% of the women who come into the store can choose from a variety of options to get them back into balance without the need for a personal consultation,” shares Joanna. The staff at Mama Jo’s is well-versed in making recommendations for teas, tinctures, supplements and more. “It usually takes 3-6 months of an herbal protocol to achieve balance and from there it is prevention and nurturing,” explains Joanna.

In private consultation Joanna follows an in-depth process that includes a 7-page information form, pulse and tongue diagnosis, Korean hand therapy, reflexology, listening and observation. She also reviews any blood work brought by the client. Through this individualized process and her extensive knowledge and experience Joanna is able to formulate customized herbal products to address any health issues.

Mama Jo Sunshine Herbals
Joanna Helms, RH
1300 Pinetree Drive, Suite 3
Indian Harbour Beach, FL 32937

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