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Sustainable Beauty: While reading this month's Green Living article, Sustainable Beauty, I was excited to find my beauty routine is quite eco-friendly.


While reading this month’s Green Living article, Sustainable Beauty, I was excited to find my beauty routine is quite eco-friendly. I wish I could claim it was due to my constant mindfulness of my carbon footprint; however, it is more a result of my overall lack of effort in the beauty department. I “dry smarter” by letting my hair air dry, but only because to blowdry my thick hair takes forever. I avoid toxic nail products and their waste only because my nails are too short to polish. And as a perk of a home office, I conserve water by skipping showers during deadline to save time!

Over the last decade, I have transitioned to natural make-up and bath products as suggested in our head-to-toe holistic guide to looking your best (page 26). I found that many products irritated my skin and scalp and by seeking out natural alternatives my skin is happier. I enjoyed choosing from the array of natural body products over the years and have found many favorites that have become my tried and true.

Of course, what goes in our bodies is just as important as the products we use. Recently, I received an email from a reader sharing that she enjoys reading Natural Awakenings but wants to see more articles explaining the impact of genetically modified organisms (GMO). While we have published a breadth of GMO information over the last 10 years, I am pleased to be able to include it in this month’s Action Alert (page 16). Until manufacturers are required to label GMO food products, it is a good idea to keep a list of ingredients to avoid (found on page 17). To simplify, choosing organic food is our best bet for avoiding GMO ingredients.

The good news is we have talented healthcare practitioners in the area to help us detoxify and stay balanced. This month we celebrate women’s health by highlighting leading physicians and practitioners in our community. As you read their profiles you’ll be impressed by the wide range of services and options they offer. If you are looking for assistance with your health, I encourage you to consult with one or more of them.

Here’s to your health!

 Kris Urquhart, Publisher