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Toy Shopping Tips

Most people shop from a child’s wish list. However, well-chosen toys can spur a child’s interest or fuel the development of new skills. When the right kinds of toys fill the toy box, your child will appreciate them over time and grow by using them. Toys can bring out their best or worst in a child, so here are some things to consider.

1. Consider durability and how long the child will be interested in the toy. If the child is at the upper end of the age appropriate description –chances are they won’t get much use out of it.

2. Examine whether the toy’s qualities will frustrate or challenge the child. Does the product offer an opportunity to think, learn something new, practice or try something that will be beneficial? Or will it be too difficult for the child to use.

3. Thoughtfully consider what the toy teaches. Does it help expand positive self-esteem, values, understanding, and cultural awareness? Does it help encourage the growth of self-esteem, values, or offer practice in skills, eye hand coordination, or fine and large motor skills? Does the product help teach communication skills?

4. Consider if the toy will nurture the child. Will it help them gain independent skills? Does the product help the child express emotions or concern for others? Is there any violence, sexism or negative aspect to the product?

5. Consider the fun the child can have for the price. Play is after all a time to have fun. Learning is a lot easier and is more enduring if it's fun! Will it make him or her laugh? Relax? Feel good? Ask yourself if the price reflects the value received from playing with the toy.

Holly Fales BS MA is a trained or certified provider of many programs that stimulate the brain to create new neuro-pathways in order to strengthen one’s ability to learn, attend and function. Call the Success Project 321-751-1313 for more information.