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Sex & Aging: What’s Normal and What’s Not?

Apr 14, 2011 05:58PM ● By By. Rebecca Hunton, MD

Since sex and especially sexual dysfunction tends to be such a private topic, most of us have no idea as to whether or not we are ‘aging naturally’ in the sex department. According to the AARP study of baby boomers, the average person has sex with a partner 68 times a year. In addition, 29% of men and 25% of women over 80, engage in sexual activity. Masturbation plays a role especially as we age.

There have been many studies supporting that having an active sex life is one of the best predictors of a longer, healthier life. A British study showed that men who had sex twice a week with a partner lived on average 10 years longer than men who had sex less than once a month. However, women’s longevity is not predicated on sexual frequency but rather on sexual enjoyment. Surprisingly, the more frequently women have sex, the lower their risk of breast cancer. Many studies support that ejaculation at least twice a week is associated with a significant decrease in BPH (enlarged prostate) and prostate cancer risk.

So why isn’t it happening more often? 47% of people in the AARP study would like sex more often, but they avoid the encounter; Men, primarily because of physical inability and women due to pain and discomfort. Fortunately, these can both be addressed. Of course, most people are aware of prescription medications for erectile dysfunction (i.e., Viagra, etc.) but there are also alternatives available. A complete evaluation of hormonal balance as well as overall health and vitality can sometimes heal the underlying cause.

Another interesting fact is that according to the AARP sex survey, boomers prefer to make it racy with their partners instead of looking outside the marriage. To enhance sexual experience, there are several options such as Scream Cream that your physician can prescribe in collaboration with your local compounding pharmacist.

Rebecca Hunton, M.D. of Wellspring Medical Center is located at 21 Suntree Place Suite 101 in Melbourne. For more information call 321-254-6803 or visit

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