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Multi-dimensional Exercises for Back Pain

Apr 14, 2011 10:46AM ● By Idler Bonhomme

Studies indicate that inactivity and insufficient levels of physical activity are key indicators for health problems such as metabolic syndrome and pre-diabetes. According to the most recent data, nearly 34% of adults and 17% of children and adolescents are obese. The incidence of type 2 diabetes, which accounts for about 90 - 95% of the 17.9 million diagnosed cases of diabetes, is also increasing as obesity rates climb.

The low back is one of the regions of the spine that is most vulnerable to the effects of obesity. Lack of exercise and bodily conditioning leads to poor flexibility and weak muscles in the back, pelvis, and thighs. This can increase the curve of the lower back, causing the pelvis to tilt too far forward. Further, this is detrimental to proper posture and as posture weakens, other regions of the spine (neck) may become painful.

A Physical Therapist can help prevent or manage obesity and its effects by providing a multi-dimensional approach to exercise. To help relieve your back pain and help the body heal, the physical therapist starts treatment with passive modalities/treatment, but then progresses to active modalities/treatment. Active treatment consists of exercises that help strengthen the body and prevent recurrence of back pain. In the active part of physical therapy, the therapist teaches the patient various exercises to improve flexibility, strength, core stability, and range of motion. Each physical therapy program is individualized, taking into consideration the patient’s health and history. For example, your exercises may not be suitable for another person with back pain, especially since your pain might not even be caused by the same condition.

Idler Bonhomme, Licensed Massage and Physical Therapist provides physical and massage therapy services for medical and wellness issues. He provides Home-Physical Therapy services as well as outpatient services and is accepting new patients/client. Physiotherapy Plus, Inc., is located at 51 NW Carolina St # 103 in West Melbourne (off US-192, one block west of Dairy Rd). For more information, call 321-956-7083.