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What Goes on the Skin Goes In

Apr 14, 2011 10:57AM ● By Doreen DeSerres

Being health conscious is a way of life. Awareness of what we eat and drink is of paramount importance, yet of equal value is what enters into our physical body via the air and what we apply to our skin.

Most people realize how permeable the epithelium is (skins surface), therefore absorbing most of what comes in contact with it. This may be a beneficial tool to our well being by enhancing the “food” we give our skin. Most of what we apply on our skin goes into our bloodstream and our lymphatic system. And what we smell enters our respiratory system affecting our breath and the quality of air we breathe.

Aromatherapy in the general terminology relates to what we smell and how it affects our mental and emotional states. Just as valuable is allowing pure botanicals to feed and enrich our bodies.

Essential oils contain multitudes of phytonutrients, vitamins, minerals and naturally occurring beneficial constituents that enhance health and well-being. On the flip side, when folks add artificial chemicals, dyes and preservatives onto and into their pores, they may be damaging their health. It is equally important to read the labels of what goes onto as well as into the body. Ultimately we feed ourselves through our skin.

The benefits of real aromatherapy are multifaceted. Real botanicals enhance the power of the mind, the feelings of our emotions and the stamina and regulation of much of our physical internal environment.

By using pure botanical personal care products on a daily basis we feed our body health giving substances that enrich our lives. A little knowledge goes a long way. Read labels. If you would not eat it, it should not be on you, for what goes on you, goes in you.

Doreen has been creating all pure botanical blends since 1988. They are designed for personal care, enhancement of body; mind and spirit are considered in each and every creation. They are not intended to be taken orally, yet the contents are of that quality. For more information call 321-632-1221 or visit

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