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Spring Cleaning from the Inside

Apr 14, 2011 06:41PM ● By Kim Smith

Cleansing your body can change your life. Cleansing can restore lost energy and vitality. Many report feeling happier, healthier, and better able to deal with stress. Many of the discomforts and symptoms we attribute to age can actually be the result of toxic build-up. Menopause, widely considered a sign of aging, is often associated with stressful symptoms like hot flashes, sweating, irritability, depression, and stomach upset. Once menstruation ends, the body loses a valuable natural cleansing mechanism. Toxins then overload other eliminatory channels causing physical symptoms to appear.

Cleansing returns our systems to their youthful state, reversing many aging symptoms. Allowing the normal rhythm to return can have far reaching effects for all types of individuals. It helps seasonal allergies, head colds and sinus congestion, chronic constipation, excessive gas, chronic pain, acne, eczema, cravings and more. Chronic ailments as well as symptoms that only appear from time-to-time can benefit from cleansing.

Colon Hydro-therapy is a gentle cleansing method that uses only water to eliminate built up toxins from your colon, which many agree, is the seat of all dis-ease. The colon is the main path of elimination and once it is cleansed and functioning optimally it allows all the other systems to begin working more effectively to eliminate stored toxins throughout the body, eliminating discomfort and dis-ease.

Kim Smith has been a colon hydro-therapist since 1994. Her office is in Merritt Island. For more information call 321-960-0444