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Hyperactive: a Malfunction or Misunderstanding?

Apr 14, 2011 06:40PM ● By Dr. Haig John, Chiropractor

Isn’t there a little hyperactive kid inside of many of us just waiting to come out and run amuck? To see a kid running around having a blast without a care in the world can be refreshing. Today there is a growing dependency on pharmaceuticals to design our emotions, actions, thoughts and moods. There are alternatives to medication that can allow us to take control of our own lives and start living and feeling again.

Some questions that should be asked are these: Why are so many more children today being diagnosed with ADHD over just two decades ago? Are there really that many more problem children today compared to a few years ago? Is it possible to test a living human brain for chemical imbalance? The answer is no.

Just as there is a cause for the common cough, such as the flu, bronchitis or a cold, there are causes of learning problems and hyperactivity issues. Nutritional deficiency, subluxations, food allergies, thyroid or diabetic issues, spinal nerve irritation or even environmental toxins can be a cause of these problems in children and adults.

Diet is an important component for children who have been diagnosed with ADHD. Sugar has been identified by many researchers as a main contributing factor to this issue. Many breakfast cereals contain high concentrations of sugar, as well as other preservatives and artificial colors and flavors. Cereals and other processed food products are often consumed in copious amounts.

In a study published by the Annals of Allergy, children eating a diet free of allergens, artificial flavoring, artificial coloring and preservatives for two weeks showed a major decrease in hyperactivity and social issues. In addition to a healthy diet, supplements can be utilized as well. One study, published in The Lancet magazine, looked at 185 children labeled with ADHD. They found 116 of them responded favorably to an allergen-free diet supported by Calcium, Magnesium and Zinc supplementation.

Many contemporary researchers and authors are suggesting that the rise in diagnosis of ADHD is due to several factors. These factors include advertising and aggressive marketing campaigns by the drug companies, dietary factors, long term adverse results of medications and vaccinations, and neurological factors from interference to the nervous system function. All of these suggestions negate the use of chemicals to correct the fundamental malfunction. In other words, many experts are suggesting alternative means of dealing with the problem rather than pharmaceuticals. The controversy surrounding the use of medications to control hyperactive children is due to the serious and unpredictable side effects of these chemicals.

Chiropractors have long maintained that neurology plays a strong part causing hyperactivity in children. The Chiropractic approach is the removal of subluxations which is nerve irritation in the spinal cord to allow clear communication from brain to body.

With this approach, as well as attention to diet and other toxins, chiropractic offers families a safe alternative. Chiropractic serves a vital role in addressing ADHD and natural health. This role is simple: take the stress off the brain and spinal cord and the body functions better.

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