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Contemporary Health Innovations, Inc : Peter Hoylk, M.D.


Contemporary Health Innovations, Inc is where Dr. Holyk is one of a handful of allopathically trained doctors who have bridged the gap into integrative medicine. Holyk focuses his treatment on underlying causes rather than symptoms and chooses the least invasive, completely non-toxic, and most appropriate individualized medical care possible. Preferred complementary therapies include nutrition, vitamins and supplements, biofeedback, oxygen therapies and chelation. He works with natural hormones, stress hormones, allergy elimination (NAET) and Applied PsychoNeurobiology(APN) and much more. Specialized testing is also available.

Holyk has achieved a myriad of certifications and degrees including one of the highest levels of nutritional accreditation, Certified Nutrition Specialist.

Continuing education is a way of life for Holyk. “You have to keep up; new studies are coming out every day – what applied last year may not apply this year.” Holyk notes that our country favors trends and fads, however medically what is good for our neighbor may not be good for us. Being a good detective and individually assessing each person’s unique needs is key, otherwise they can waste valuable time and money.

The office also boasts a retail store offering medical grade supplements, organic skin care and other natural products.

Contemporary Health Innovations (CHI) located at 600 Schumann Drive in Sebastian. 772-388-5554.

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