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Natural Awakenings Space & Treasure Coast Florida

Botanical Sense

Apr 11, 2011 10:40PM

When choosing the right body care products reading labels can be very empowering. Words that seem undecipherable are usually undesirable preservatives that can have side effects. Plants and true botanicals are natural antimicrobials. Look for essential oils that are a true botanical, not just a fragrance. True botanicals do have a fragrance yet they are much more. Many fragrance oils are like a toxic chemistry set often causing allergic reactions to those with sensitivities.

All natural botanicals usually do cost more, yet the health benefits, the natural scents and the phytology of the plants regenerative traits help to heal, restore, revitalize and refresh the systems of the body. Resonate with your products – use all the senses of your body and allow only pure botanical products as part of your daily body care. Sense them, smell them and allow them to make some of the magic in your life.

Doreen imports, creates and private labels her own distinctive line of aromatherapy products, using only the finest organic or wildcrafted, steam distilled, undiluted, unfractionated essential and base oils. Workshops are held regularly and can be scheduled privately. Nature's Spirit can be found at 415 Delannoy Ave., in Cocoa Village. Call 321-632-1221 for more information.

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