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Reflexology for PMS Relief

Apr 11, 2011 10:35PM

It is not surprising that many people have dismissed reflexology in their minds. It is hard to fathom the fact that by stimulating the reflexes on your feet, 90% of the ailments in the world can be helped. Advocates make far reaching claims about reflexology: headaches gone, arthritis completely cured, low back pain cleared up, sinuses totally relieved, and thyroid tumors vanished. Research on the science of reflexology has taken place in many countries and it is beginning to look like there may be something to all these claims.

For example, in the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, a research paper presented by W. Flocco and T. Oleson Ph.D. showed reflexology reduced women's PMS symptoms by 46% for the eight weeks of weekly treatments. This research was sustained with 42% reduction of symptoms for eight weeks after treatments.

The treatment protocol for women suffering with PMS is specific and focuses partly on the endocrine reflexes which help the chemical and hormonal balance in the body. Other reflexes worked include: the lymphatic reflexes to encourage movement of the tissue fluid that is present in the extremities, the kidney reflexes to help rid the body of excess water, and the diaphragm reflex to reduce stress and tension.

Scott Kingsbury is a Licensed Massage Therapist, certified Reflexologist and Reflexology Instructor. Please call 321-693-3879 for information and appointments. (MA30910)

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