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Energy: The Missing Link for Loving, Fulfilling Relationships

Apr 10, 2011 11:12PM

All relationships are based on life-force energy. Relationships are built and destroyed by the energies created by our thoughts, emotions and opinions. Positive relationships reflect intimacy in every aspect of togetherness: physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental. The energy of a loving couple in an intimate relationship blends in a harmonious way, allowing love and good emotions to flow between them easily and freely. Conversely, when a couple is in a poor relationship, arguing and fighting, the energy fields don’t blend and flow. They actually clash and repel, manifesting as even more painful friction.

There are many levels of intimacy in relationships: Physical or sexual, emotional/energetic, mental, and spiritual. Often couples fail to understand that intimacy is about more than sex. When intimacy exists only in the physical body, it tends to fade when the physical body changes.

The same is true on an emotional level. When emotions change, so does the intimacy. It is the nature of the emotional body to be extremely reactive to the surroundings and situations in a person’s life. The heart chakras of two people have to be highly activated and in tune to each other to form a "heart connection". This connection makes loving each other "effortless".

From a spiritual standpoint, it is important that the energy fields of two people in a relationship merge together. When we project love, love is projected back to us. We literally manipulate energy to create positive effects and invoke healing.

Mentally, the thoughts we project onto others truly have power. Most people don’t realize that projecting bad thoughts towards someone, even without saying a word, can make that person weaker. On the other hand, thinking thoughts of health and love about the same person can help develop positive traits. We should remember that this is true of the thoughts we think about ourselves, as well. The energy field does not care if thoughts are positive or negative — it absorbs whatever is sent.

On the mental level, people often put their partner’s faults and weakness under a "microscope" rather than focusing on the positive traits. An easy technique is to mentally enhance the positive qualities your partner has, no matter how small. Silently do an inventory of their positive qualities, mentally praise him/her for them then later physically tell the person how awesome and special they are. Watch them try to live up to your praise!

To learn more about how energy techniques can improve your relationships join internationally renowned healer, Master Stephen Co for step-by-step techniques at the Unity Church of Melbourne. Unity of Melbourne is located at 1745 Trimble Rd. in Melbourne. For more information call 321-254-0313.

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