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What’s Posture Got to Do with It?

One Constant on planet Earth is change. Most people imagine that change is something that happens to them, with little they can do about it. Actually, anyone can actively and consciously influence the changes taking place in their bodies as well as in their lives. For instance, with little trouble or effort, you can learn to recognize postural patterns and notice how they influence the way you feel and the way you act. This ability to observe sets you free to choose which ‘stances’ you assume throughout life.

The way these stances convey our attitudes, emotional states and personalities is known as body language. References to body language commonly occur in conversation, where virtue or vice is frequently correlated with carriage and poise. For instance, one may be perceived as a straight-laced, upright individual; or just as easily cast as a sinister, twisted sort, or perhaps a crooked, even spineless lot, depending upon the assumed posture.

Fortunately, body language can be modified to reflect the image we would prefer to evoke, just as perception can be changed by improved vocabularies, use of proper grammar, or a softened accent. We may choose to open up, expand and fully extend, or to close down, contract and collapse inward. Humans are creatures of habit. They can do what they always do, then wait to see what happens ‘to’ them; or they can exercise freedom of choice, learn to dictate change on their own terms, and make things happen ‘for’ them!

For anyone interested in changing their habitual patterns and in choosing new body language, Structural Bodywork offers an experiential process designed to train individuals, young and old to pay attention to their bodies so they can make things happen. Structural Bodyworkers are trained to promote awareness and upright, energy efficient posture. They use the breath, movement and structured touch as feedback tools to help clients find their center and cultivate a sense of inner harmony. Structural Bodywork incorporates strategies to establish new spatial relationships throughout the body. The technologies employed lengthen and broaden tissues, organizing progressively deeper layers of musculature around the body’s vertical plumb line.

Structural Bodywork produces consistently remarkable results because its premise is in harmony with the Universal law of Cause and Effect as it applies to structure. Translated: "If form is enhanced, physiologic function must change in response to the modifications". Should change be introduced to form and function, common sense dictates that thoughts, feelings, emotions, behavior and core beliefs must also be affected relative to the change. Integration refers to achieving an optimal balance between all these multi-dimensional relations.

As ingrained behavioral, movement and postural holding patterns are addressed and you become acquainted with key components of balance and grace, you can begin to consciously choose the body language you want to personify. While your therapist strives to bring comfort and ease into your structure, she may also (hopefully) share with you a new perspective and appreciation for the idea of free will. Learning to tap into your freedom to choose and to engage in your creative powers fosters independence as well as the tools needed to design and initiate future modifications.

Henry Tobelmann loves to discuss the dynamics of change with clients, enabling them to make best use of his 17 years of clinical experience. He practices Awareness-Oriented Structural Bodywork at Connectivity: Center for Movement & Dynamic Change. Those interested in exploring the relationships between Poise, Posture and Body Language can contact Henry at 321-253-8088. Licensed to Touch

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