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You Deserve a Break Today – Meditate

Apr 10, 2011 11:11PM

When are we naturally and totally in the present moment? We all haphazardly fall into a deep awareness of the present quite by accident; for instance, when we see our newborn for the first time, when we gaze upon something of such beauty we forget our persona here, during a horrific event, anything that jolts our ego into submission because it is impotent in the face of our powerful spirit. We are seeing with a quiet wonder and stillness that is quite other-worldly. Judgment is suspended, egoist emotions disappear, and we exist in pure awareness. This is our point of power.

All the great religions tell of saints and sages that retreated from the world into prayer and meditation. Seekers today are still discovering this deep, utter stillness. When we are watching from the Observer, that higher part of us, we are in the present. This is important because it is from utilizing this ability we have that we can change our lives. We can temporarily step away from the ego’s emotions, anxieties, and fears. The more we do this the more we realize we are not a victim to these currents of uncomfortable thoughts that drive through our minds. Without these inklings of a higher self we are caught in a world where our thoughts and beliefs may bring much suffering. Practicing being mindful, aware of the present moment, will move us into a direction of peace and creativity. When the mind is calm it functions far more effectively.

Do you want to attain the skills to create a vibrant, abundant life? Increase your reactivity, inner guidance, deep awareness of your physical needs, insights into your passions and purpose, reduce anxiety and stress and the extremes of emotions that throw you off balance, sleep sounder, improve your memory, laugh more, fulfill desires, let go of bad habits, increase your concentration, and increase your energy? How about helping your body achieve homeostasis; that healthy balance of hormones, body temperature, blood ph level, blood sugar level, increased immunity response, etc.? If there were a magic pill that could do all this, people would sacrifice enormously to buy it, don’t you think? Yet we come equipped with the potential to activate within ourselves this ability merely by sitting quietly. Not doing anything. Taking a break from our busy life. Going within, where the real ‘us’ resides.

Learning to meditate is a gift that you can easily give to yourself that can change your life. In every religious tradition, saints, sages and masters have gone off to pray and meditate, only to reemerge enlightened, wise, serene, and seemingly in complete command of life. While you are not guaranteed of becoming enlightened if you meditate, you will notice improvements in your life after a particular time with regular practice. Some people notice changes right away, some after a few weeks, and some after several weeks. If you learn the skills from a qualified instructor and meditate regularly, you will most likely be richly rewarded.

Kasey Claytor is a Chopra certified Teacher of Primordial Sound Meditation. Kasey has been attending workshops with Drs. Deepak Chopra and David Simon, founders of The Chopra Center, since 2002. For more information on meditation call 321-383-4005 or 877-650-3796.

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