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Aromatherapy for Dogs

Apr 10, 2011 12:03PM

Dogs love aromatherapy and by following a few guidelines man’s best friend can reap the benefits of pure plant essential oils. A dog’s olfactory system is much more acute than ours. It is believed that dogs have receptors up to twenty times more concentrated than humans so a little essential oil goes a long way.

Coat Care – Essential oils can be added when you brush your dog’s coat. If fleas are an issue then brushing with a minute amount of Pennyroyal {mentha pulegium} will eventually banish those insidious insects. Lemon grass {cymbopogon citratus}, Citronella {cymbopogon nardus} and Cedarwood {cedrus atlanticus} are also good choices to help repel ticks and other pests.

First Aid – Add Lavender {lavendula angustifolia} or Thyme {thymus vulgaris} to a basin of water to wash and cleanse areas of need. Use for ear cleansing, scratch healing, little bug bites and small wound healing.

Breath & Digestion – Add a drop of Peppermint {mentha piperita} to drinking water for good breath and also to aid digestion.

Massage - Massage is good for dogs; it is such a wonderful expression of love that feels good to both pet and pet parent. Apply aromatherapy blends with massage techniques to help sprains, sore muscles, arthritis and other physical conditions. Use a smaller amount than you would use on yourself.

Doreen DeSerres of Nature’s Haven will present a special workshop on aromatherapy for pets. For more information call 321-632-1211 or email [email protected] or visit Nature’s Haven is located at 602 Brevard Avenue in Cocoa Village. Pets are welcome.

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