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Digesting Heart Disease

Apr 10, 2011 10:55PM

The saying, "the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach" takes on a whole new meaning when considering heart disease from the Chinese medicine point of view. In Chinese medicine, heart disease is seen from two aspects. The first is deficiency. In this instance, deficiency individuals have a weak digestive system as well as a lot of mucus in the chest area. Excessive water under the chest is also observed. The strength of the immune system depends on how good the digestive system is. A subpar digestive system makes one’s heart very susceptible to germs and other sorts of diseases. Germs love moist or wet environments.

The second aspect in which Chinese medicine (and modern medicine) views heart disease is arterial blockage. This is due to eating large amounts of foods high in fat and cholesterol. Symptoms of heart disease include: Shortness of breath, palpitations (abnormal rapid beating of the heart), depression, irregular heart beats, and pains which literally shoot from the back to the front of the chest or vice versa.

To diagnose heart disease Chinese medicine techniques include:

1.Pressing on the fifth thoracic vertebrae area. Diseased individuals will have sharp pains.
2.The center of the inside of the ear will have sharp pains when pressed.
3.The blood vessels in the whites of the eyes will be very striking in appearance.
4.The tips of the middle fingers will have sharp pains.
5.The tongue coating is thick and white.

In a ‘deficiency’ situation, the pulse of the left hand will be very weak. The face will appear pale, the vessels of the eyes seem thin and pink and the patient may feel dizzy. In an ‘excess’ situation, the pulse of the left hand is very strong, the face is red, the vessels in the eyes have a strong red color, and the inside of the middle ear will be very painful when pressed.

Chinese medicine calls for acupuncture and/or herbal medicine to treat this condition. With acupuncture the results will be quicker. Body circulation and metabolism will speed up thereby strengthening the heart with no side effects. Herbs are used to purge out mucus, water, or any foreign matter in the blood vessels and digestive system. A healthy digestive system keeps one immune to heart disease. A good digestive system can be acquired and maintained by proper exercise, eating moderately as well as avoiding stress.

Dr. Bo-Shih Ni is a licensed acupuncture physician who has practiced Traditional Chinese Medicine for 25 years. His practice, Brevard Acupuncture, is located in Melbourne. Dr. Bo will be speaking at Wild Oats in Melbourne on December 8th 2005 at 7pm. For information and appointments call 321-757-9821.

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