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Let there be Light

Apr 09, 2011 03:48PM ● By David Rindge

Today’s scientific healthcare breakthroughs often appear more quickly than the means to put them into practice. And once in a great while, practitioners arrive at a Star-Trek-like phenomenon that truly astonishes. Such is the case with the 21st century’s highly-versatile low level laser therapy (LLLT). The effects of laser light at low intensity have been compared to Dr. Leonard McCoy’s tricorder, the hand-held, energetic healing device able to quickly identify and cure a plethora of medical conditions.

In stark contrast with conventional surgical lasers, which may operate at high powers and carry considerable risk, LLLT is applied below the threshold of heat that could damage body tissue. Thus its outstanding safety record.

In nearly 40 years of clinical use with more than 4,000 studies and articles published, researchers have never documented an adverse reaction. Such results have prompted the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to describe low level lasers as “non-significant risk devices.”

Already widely used throughout Europe and Asia for years, the application of body-friendly, low level laser therapy is rapidly increasing in the United States. Researchers report positive results for a wide variety of health challenges, including skin conditions, asthma, injury, pain, bronchitis, dental applications, diabetes, nerve regeneration and prostate problems.

We still have no cure-all, no panacea for all that ails us. But low level laser therapy seems to offer a giant step in the right direction. LLLT adds energy to cells and tissues to promote normal function, help tissue to regenerate, reduce inflammation and alleviate pain. Its effects have been compared to the result of safely recharging a battery.

Encouraging Stories

Consider these examples. A 76-year-old with chronic hip pain who was considering a second surgery had four LLLT treatments. He had significantly less pain after just one LLLT session, and three months later after only four treatments, he reported that he was essentially pain free and no longer contemplating surgery.

Rhonda, a 35-year-old with carpal tunnel syndrome who was wearing braces on both hands and who expected to undergo a surgeon’s knife, reported normal sensation immediately after her first LLLT treatment. She was treated twice more as some numbness and tingling returned about a day and a half after the first and second treatments but at progressively lower levels. After three treatments, she stated sensation was completely normal, and it has remained so three years later.

Dale was a 77-year-old whose chief complaints included severe back and hip pain with sciatica radiating to his ankles, cold limbs, and numbness diagnosed as neuropathy beginning at the knee in both legs. He was concerned that his right foot couldn’t feel the accelerator pedal while driving.

At first, treatment was focused completely on his hip and back, but by the 8th visit this pain had resolved, and we began to treat his legs and feet. Leaving the clinic that day, he remarked “I can feel my toes.” On the next visit he said, “My legs are warmer.” At his twelfth and final visit, he rejoiced that he felt better than he had when he was 70. “My legs feel good,” he said. “I feel everything now.”

Low Risk

As with any treatment, common sense precautions apply when using LLLT. Both practitioner and patient must avoid exposure of laser light to the eyes. Although it has been reported to shrink small tumors when people have been treated, LLLT is contraindicated over a known or suspected cancer. People are advised to consult their physician for conditions and medications that may cause photosensitivity.

But overall, low level laser therapy has been found to be well accepted by the body, is without risk of infection and has been reported beneficial in a large number of conditions. It boosts healing energy at the cellular level and may even serve to increase overall health.

Let there be Light!

David Rindge has more than 30 years’ experience in health care as a doctor of Oriental medicine, acupuncture physician, registered nurse, respiratory therapist and perfusionist. David is in private practice in Melbourne. (Visit or call 321-751-7001.) He is co-author of Laser Therapy–A Clinical Manual, a regular columnist for Acupuncture Today and trains licensed, health care professionals in low level laser and bioelectromagnetic therapies through Healing Light Seminars ( Visit booth 103 & 104 at the Healthy Living Expo, Saturday, March 10th to learn more about low level laser therapy. See ad on page xx.



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