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How Slow Can You Go?

Apr 07, 2011 05:04PM ● By Diane Fletcher

Do you feel energized and active every day? Are you able to do the activities that you enjoy most? Stress is one of today’s greatest enemies and is often the result of moving through life too quickly. To strive for your utmost level of wellness, consider these suggestions:

Calm the Chaos: In today’s society we are pulled in so many directions, almost literally, that it is a challenge for the human body to survive. Often survival includes the assistance of medications, addictions, or the avoidance of symptoms. An effective tool to calm this chaos is practicing stillness. Find what feels like stillness for you and practice it daily. It may be meditation or even just a change of activity. Learning to connect to our peaceful center can keep our bodies healthy, our minds clear, and our relationships strong.

Learn to Say "no": Trying to maintain balance is the goal for body, mind, and spirit. Don’t over commit by learning to say "no." By committing only to things that serve you, you can allow yourself some "stillness" time. It might include a talk with your family, your friends, or your neighbors. It could take the form of work in your garden, a walk, a swim, or a ride on your bike.

Back to Nature: When you feel overwhelmed, stressed or out of balance, take a deep breath, notice nature around you, and do something physical outside. This will "reset" your system much like rebooting your computer. In our community we reside near the beauty of the river and the ocean. Take advantage of these water resources, they provide soothing views and opportunities for physical activity.

One Step at a Time: Take stock of your life and decide to change one not-so-healthy habit. When we take one step at a time, no matter how small, we feel better about ourselves. Once that change becomes habit you can chose the next healthy habit to incorporate into your life. This approach makes change more manageable and we make progress towards a healthier life. Don’t think of it as deprivation, think of it as preservation.

Diane Fletcher is a Licensed Massage Therapist, a Certified Personal Trainer and a Yoga Instructor, with many years of experience in the health and fitness industry. She is founder and owner of Heartstar Massage Therapy, Bodywork and Fitness. For more information call 321-432-0588 or email [email protected]

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