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Apr 07, 2011 01:47AM

All living cells depend on an adequate supply of water in order to survive and carry out all of life's functions. Every cell in your body is primarily composed of and is surrounded by water; in fact no cells in your body actually touch. Water is required for every bodily function: breathing, digestion, growth, movement, elimination of waste products, heat dissipation, secretion and all glandular functions. Within your body literally thousands of chemical reactions are occurring around the clock without your knowledge.

Both the quantity and the quality of the water that you drink can affect the quality of your tissues and organs and their performance as well as their resistance to disease. It is important to consume only steam-distilled water that is free of virtually all contaminants.

Good drinking habits are especially important for children. Children have higher metabolisms so they need more water relative to their body weight than adults. Children need good quality water as they have a less developed immune system and are more susceptible to contamination. Children are very sensitive to bad tastes in water. This causes them to turn to sugared drinks that hide the unappealing taste. When children have access to good tasting water and they are encouraged with positive drinking habits and they can develop a taste for water over sugared drinks.

For more information on the quality of water in your home contact John Robinson of at 772-960-1627.

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