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Magical Holiday Tips

Apr 07, 2011 04:56PM

The holiday season is upon us bringing with it parties, cooking, decorating, traffic, shopping, and missing loved ones. The stress may not out weigh the joy; however, for most of us the holidays prove to be overwhelming. Unfortunately, we can't control what is going on in the world around us, but we can learn how to control what is going on within us. Using these stress stabilizers, no matter how many obligations you believe you have this holiday season, your experience can be filled with peace and joy.

Change your mantra! Often as a reaction to stress we repeat phrases in our heads that only add to our discomfort. A mantra is word or phrase that you can silently repeat to yourself to help cope with stress. It calms in the midst of stress, stops quick reactions, halts rising anger and fear, and gives us breathing space to choose our response wisely. When I say my mantra "Peace be still," I take a deep breath, feel the peace, repeating it until I begin to feel peaceful.

Stay in the present moment! This moment is the only one we have to respond to. Living in the past is futile, and the future has not yet happened. Keeping your attention on the here and now, allows you to add value to everything you do and you will be ready and able to calmly deal with what ever comes up.

Nourish your mind! Start your day with 10 minutes of silence, journaling, contemplating, or setting your intention. Take a few minutes several times a day to reconnect with your spirit. Read uplifting material, watch funny and heart warming movies, take a walk in nature, and be with people you enjoy.

Choose Kindness! It can be difficult to be kind to others in the midst of holiday stress. If you find yourself losing patience with the people around you, repeat your mantra, or walk away. Remember that the unkind words and behaviors of others are never about you, so let them go. When you can't manage any other way, put your hand over your mouth, or bite your tongue. It will not hurt as much as the words you will regret later.

Be the light! In the midst of holiday stress take the opportunity to not only help yourself, but to also help those around you. As you practice these holiday de-stressers, you will be calm, focused, centered and able to affect the people around you in positive ways. Your inner light of peace will help light the way for others and your holiday activities will be magical.

Rev. Suzan Bailey is the minister of The New Church, a non-denominational, inter-faith community that meets in Rockledge. Sunday service is 11am. For more information call 321-751-7584 or visit

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