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Home Sweet Home?

According to Asthma in America, there are currently 14.6 million Americans with asthma, of whom 4.8 million are children under the age of 18. Indoor pollution is estimated to cause thousands of cancer deaths and hundreds of thousands of respiratory health problems each ear. In addition, hundreds of thousands of children have experienced elevated blood lead levels resulting from their exposure to indoor pollutants.

If you believe someone in your family is experiencing health problems caused by your home, the following questions may help you discover the cause. Any one of these things can cause problems yet you often find all of them in the same home.

1.Have you done any painting, carpeting, or remodeling?
2.Do you use any scented products in the house, i.e. air fresheners, potpourri, candles, incense, sprays, or fabric softeners?
3.Have you had any roof or plumbing leaks in the house?
4.Do you have any gas-fired appliances?
5.Have your air ducts been inspected and/or cleaned?
6.Have you had your drinking water tested recently?
7.Do you have any pest control chemicals, including moth balls, in the house?
8.Have you added any new furniture or cabinets lately?
9.Do you do any arts and crafts work using paints, inks, or glues in the house?
10.If you live in a multi-occupancy building, are your neighbors creating or emitting pollutants and/or odors?

A combination of ventilation, pollution-source removal, and a purification system offers the widest range of benefits for homes and offices with poor ventilation or environmental quality problems. By making some simple changes and using the latest, high-tech solutions, you can turn your sick house into home sweet home.

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