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Can You Pass the Stress Test?

Apr 07, 2011 01:42AM

The adrenal glands are two little glands that sit above your kidneys. They produce some of the most important hormones in the body and are considered by many authorities to be the glands most affected by stress.

These glands secrete 30 hormones including adrenaline which is released at times of stress, thus the reason they are called the stress glands. They also release DHEA, considered the master sex hormone of the body that regulates all other sex hormones. They also secrete cortisol which breaks down fat into sugar and keeps your energy levels up between meals.

These glands are the source of estrogen after menopause and secrete hormones related to metabolism, heart function and the immune system.

One test to determine the status of these glands is called the Raglands’s test. It is done by taking your blood pressure seated and then standing up. The blood pressure should rise by 5mmHg of mercury. The body increases blood pressure when you stand up to push blood up into the head so you don’t get dizzy. The adrenal glands, when they are activated by the nervous system, make this happen by secreting hydrocortisone which stimulates the heart. When you stand up, the nerves in the back notify the adrenal glands of your change in posture.

This test is one way to determine the adrenal gland function of your body. Other tests include the pupil reaction to light and a 24 hour saliva test to track the actual level of adrenal hormones in your blood.

Free adrenal testing is offered at Health For Life during June. Health For Life is located at 402 N. Babcock, Suite 101 in Melbourne. For more information call 321-259-0555.

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