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Arthritis? No Sweat

Apr 07, 2011 06:48PM

A recent magazine reported that 30% of those polled admitted to having Arthritis. The first sign of the ailment for some can be an itchy feeling in the joint area, which eventually develops into actual pain. Another form of arthritis is calcification of the joints. Many people develop arthritis in their finger, knee, neck, and shoulder joints; more severe cases end up with extreme pain in the back and hips.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM), the condition is very often the result of moisture retention between the muscles and the skin and this often develops into water retention. This condition occurs when the body tries to expel the excess moisture by perspiring but people stop that healthy process short by getting into an air conditioned place, standing in front of a fan, jumping in a swimming pool, etc. This causes the excess moisture to stay between the skin and the muscles because the cold environment instantly closes the pores.

The body eliminates excess fluid through urination and perspiration and it is very healthy to sweat. Urination alone is not always enough. Over-use, overwork, and over-exercise are also causes of arthritis in different joints in the body. Another cause of arthritis is when the body is out of balance and unable to eliminate excess calcium, the joints can become calcified and extremely painful.

Chinese Medicine has a high success rate in treating all forms of arthritis. Excessive moisture is reduced by using acupuncture and/or Chinese herbs to correct the imbalance in the stomach and spleen. Increasing the function of these two organs will facilitate the removal of excess water in the body. The patients also must make sure they are not taking in fluids except when actually thirsty. The amount of fluids needed daily varies with each person depending on their lifestyle and activities.

Dr. Bo-Shih Ni is a licensed acupuncture physician who has practiced Traditional Chinese Medicine for 25 years. His practice, Brevard Acupuncture, is located in Melbourne. Dr. Bo will be speaking at the Rialto Hilton in Melbourne on Tuesday, June 6th and 13th at 7pm. For information and appointments call 321-757-9821.