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Nutrition is in Your Genes

Apr 06, 2011 10:40AM

Knowing which supplements will truly support your nutritional regime can be a complex challenge. In reality, your health is the result of interactions between your genes and lifestyle factors such as diet, exercise, stress and the ability to manage stress, smoking, and alcohol. It is your genetic makeup that determines which nutrients are used and how they are used. Each of us is a genetically unique individual who reacts to food and environment in a unique way. Small differences in our genes can influence how well our bodies metabolize foods, use nutrients, and remove damaging toxins. These small differences and how we deal with them can ultimately make a huge difference in our health. By adjusting our diet and lifestyle choices to our genetic profile we can make sure that our bodies function at their very best.

Screenings are available that provide you with valuable information on the relationship between your own unique genetic profile and maintaining long-term health and vigor. Until recently access to this type of testing has been extremely limited and expensive. But now this type of DNA analysis is designed to provide a customized nutritional program and lifestyle recommendations based on genetic profiling. The analysis results correspond to several major areas of metabolic activity: heart health, detoxification, antioxidants, and bone health.

For more information call Lotus Heart Holistic Center at 321-768-7575.

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