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Ageless Living

Have you ever thought that you wish you could live eternally? Why not live as an ageless person while here on the planet? This means keeping our body clean and healthy, our emotional body clear, our mental body active and spiritual body aligned with the Divine within us.

Steps to stop the aging process:

1.Detoxify, detoxify, detoxify! Because of environmental pollution all around us in the air, in the food, in the water and in our home, our body gets an overload of toxins and gets sick. It is a good idea to detoxify on a quarterly basis. If you find it is a big job, try detoxifying daily by eating healthy organic food. Recipes from The detox book – over 50 healthy and delicious recipes to cleanse your system can be helpful. Exercising every day will support you in keeping your body in shape and lose the weight you need. Eating lots of salads, raw food, protein in the morning, and taking the necessary supplements your body needs will keep you young and healthy. Fasting half a day every weekend and drinking plenty of water helps the body to detox. A big secret is to listen to your body needs. We are all unique.

2.Live on purpose. Knowing your soul purpose and fulfilling it through your work will give you great inner satisfaction and joy. I invite you to create this reality. Loving our work means playing all day. Mark Victor Hansen, author of Chicken Soup for the Soul, Living Your Dreams, said that he takes one hour every day to visualize and create his day.

3.Listen to your inner voice. It will keep you focused on your journey and help you take the right actions you need for your life. It helps you avoid detours and meaningless activities which do not serve your purpose.

4.Keep your emotional body clear and release old baggage. Old baggage that we tend to carry too long can stop us from progressing in our journey. Fears, insecurities, hatred, and old suffering of the past can suck our energies and prevent us from being connected to the Light and moving forward to fulfill the person we want to be.

5.Take care of your spirit. Go within; connect to your spirit guides, listen to their guidance and wisdom. Nurture yourself. Be One with the Love and the Abundance of the Universe.

Eva Jeannine Meloche has lived the holistic lifestyle for 30 years. She has been living her soul purpose for the last 13 years in helping people to connect to their purpose, gifts and talents as a Life, Career, Retirement and Dream Coach. She is now coaching women to live with an ageless spirit by being fully connected to their true being. She is the author of the workshop “Living as an Ageless Woman, Re-connecting to Our Purpose and Life Dreams”, to be given at the Heaven Sent Wellness Institute on March 17. For more information call 321-368-9861.