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Lessen Your Load – Fast

Apr 06, 2011 02:53AM

While fasting cannot be claimed to be a cure-all, it can be a valuable part of a long-term lifestyle change that can address the root cause of many symptoms. There are different types of fasting such as total fasts, water fasts, juice fasts, and raw foods fasts. Most people naturally think of fasting as a powerful way to detoxify and balance the physical body systems, lose weight, promote diet or other habit changes, address health issues, or ward off various illnesses or aging issues. But expert practitioners believe fasting is most effective when the spiritual and emotional components are addressed. Indeed, fasting has historically been part of most spiritual paths.

Guidance during a fast can support ‘letting go’ of toxins on all levels. In fact, science has shown how traumas are stored in our tissues via neuropeptides traced from our brains to receptor sites in our bodies. Physical toxins are even more prevalent today since we are bombarded with poisons from many sources and as we consume the highly processed modern diet. Fasting lessens the load on our digestive system and may support more effective, complex toxin elimination, accelerate tissue regeneration and healing, and help our bodies normalize and rejuvenate. It can clear toxins from the blood and purify on a cellular level, supporting all the glands and organs. Fasting can help eliminate unwanted materials from the body such as dead, dying, or diseased cells, fatty tissue, trans-fatty acids, excess mucus, cholesterol, and other embedded toxins.

Rene Maas-Nall is the owner of Appleseed Health Foods at 1311 South US 1 in Rockledge. Appleseed is offering a fasting support program entitled "The 7-day Guided Juice Fast" from February 2nd-9th. For more information visit the store or the website