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Ground Yourself with the Tree Pose

Apr 06, 2011 02:45AM ● By Linda Morse

Tree, the standing balancing yoga posture, is the most basic and versatile pose. It can make you feel grounded to the earth, but with the flexibility of a tree which can move in the wind. The tree pose is a standing yoga pose that improves balance and flexibility; it requires a sense of rootedness and centering right down through your core.

The pose can promote focus, intent, and concentration. It strengthens the ankles, knees, hip joints, back, shoulders and neck. The pose improves circulation and respiration, stimulates the nervous system and creates inner peace and balance.


  • Start from the ground up to establish your foundation in the pose or the roots for your tree. Stand on one leg, open the other knee to the side. For ease, the toes on the open leg can rest on the floor.
  • Raise your foot on the open leg up to the ankle, calf, or high up to the top of the inner thigh.
  • Arms can remain down like an evergreen, raise overhead like a live oak, or sway in the breeze like a palm tree.
  • If needed, use a wall for support to help promote stability.

Linda M. Morse is the Director of the Yoga Center. The Yoga Center is located at 1540 S. John Rodes Blvd in West Melbourne. For more information call 321-728-0300 or visit