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Colon Hydrotherapy – What to Expect

Apr 05, 2011 01:56AM ● By Karen Beckham

Knowing what to expect during your colon hydrotherapy session will ease a lot of jitters. This 10-step guide is designed to familiarize you with a typical session so that you can move towards healing your body through colon cleansing with confidence.

1. You will be given a Health Intake Form to fill out. The form pertains to various issues regarding your health, diet and general history.

2. The therapist will explain the functionality details of the colon hydrotherapy system and your entire session process so you know exactly what to expect before your session begins.

3. The therapist will leave the room to allow you to undress, empty your bladder and get on a nice padded table in a similar manner in which you would sit in a reclining chair. Once you are situated, you will cover up with a clean sheet, or blanket if you’re chilly, that is provided for comfort and privacy.

4. Once you are positioned comfortably, The therapist will re-enter the room, asking you to turn onto your left side. A licensed Colon Therapist will gently insert a tube called a "speculum" about 1 ½" into your rectum. The speculum is disposable, pre-packaged and pre-sterile. The size of the speculum is about the size of your thumb.

5. Once back in a reclined position, your colon session will begin.

6. You might feel a gradual flow of warm water gently entering your rectum.

7. The entering of water into and out of your colon is the entire process for the next 30 to 45 minutes.

8. Water in, waste out, all while you view your sludge leaving your body through a lighted tube which goes directly into the sewer. No smell, no mess.

9. When you're ready to clean up, you will find paper towels, cleansing wipes and sanitizing gel located in a private restroom where you can take your time after your session.

10. The therapist will discuss your session with you, answering any questions you may have or scheduling of your next healing session.

The benefits of colon hydrotherapy include refreshed and lighter feeling, freshened breath, more energy, improved level of constipation, eliminated diarrhea, weight loss, clear skin, more regular bowel movements, less bloated, and lessened toxins in your body.

For more information contact Karen Beckham, LMT, LMC at 321-750-9664. (MM14089, MA35567)

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