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Enhance Your Life-force with Raw Living Foods

Apr 05, 2011 01:07AM ● By Anne-Marie Derouault, PhD

Increasing the portion of raw living foods in our diet is part of a holistic, life-giving process. Cooking destroys most of the enzymes, 50% of the proteins and about 80% of the vitamins and minerals contained in raw foods. The body is then forced to spend energy to manufacture its own enzymes for digestion instead of other vital functions such as immunity and organ repair. Eating just a portion of our food in its natural state can make a significant difference.

On a physical level, eating raw foods can help normalize weight, increase energy and increase the healing capacities of the body. On a psychological level it can change your relationship with food, weight loss and cravings forever. On a spiritual level, raw living foods deepen your connection to life. These foods enhance the flow of vital life-force energy and support your whole being’s spiritual evolution. This can open us up to sacred experiences, enhance meditation, and enhance yoga flexibility. Many commonly think of raw foods as a variety of mixed salads, but living foods offer a great variety. From entrees to desserts, from soups to crackers, these foods can provide all the nutrients needed by the body-mind. Raw living foods are easy and fun to prepare and can be customized for your own constitution and metabolism which will optimize your weight, strength and level of energy.

Dr Anne-Marie Derouault, PHD, is an official branch of the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center directed by Dr Gabriel Cousens. She is the owner of Emergence Resources, a company offering Raw Food education, Yoga, Reiki, Stress Management and Communication training. She offers workshops, personal assessments and support to help people get started in a progressive transition to Living Foods. For information about the next Raw Food workshop on June 20th, call 321-431-5054 or email [email protected]

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