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Empower Yourself with Crystals & Gemstones

Apr 05, 2011 06:36PM ● By Master Stephen Co

Crystals and gemstones deliver the magical qualities of nature. They are readily available and open a gateway of empowerment to all who understand these subtle but dynamic applications. We can harness the power of crystal energies for improving our health and relationships, protection from negative energies, increasing our healing powers and increasing our spiritual connection.

Grand Master Choa Kok Sui, in his book Pranic Crystal Healing®, explains the ancient teachings that crystals are energy condensers. They have the ability to absorb, store, process, project and focus different frequencies of subtle energies. This allows them to be powerful tools for manipulation of subtle energies with a variety of uses.

Healing: Quartz crystals amplify the pranic energies (Chi) that healers emit. This allows the healer to heal more severe cases that require massive pranic energies and to heal more people without being tired.

Protection: Crystals, especially colored crystals/gemstones, like amethyst and rose quartz, can be programmed by the use of "mind intent" to concretize subtle energies and form powerful protective energy shields around people and places for protection against negativity and loss of energy to others.

Increasing intimacy: Colored crystals like rose quartz can be used to activate the heart chakras of two people and strengthen their "heart connection." It can also be used to awaken certain chakras that are connected to physical and emotional intimacy.

Magnetizing prosperity energies: Crystals can also be programmed and worn on the body to stimulate the "prosperity chakra," to make a person more practical and grounded.

In order to fully harness the power of crystals and gemstones, the proper cleansing of old energies and programs have to be performed first. This can include cleansing with salt water and purging techniques to erase previous programs contained in the crystals. Then the crystals can be charged with special techniques to fully tap into their innate powers.

When choosing a crystal, consider the following:

Clarity: Clear quartz crystal is the most ideal for healing on all levels. The clearer the crystal the more energy it can process and store. Avoid inclusions that cut across horizontally and adversely affect the flow of energy.

Color: Clear quartz is the ideal "multipurpose color." You can project any color prana you wish through the clear quartz. Amethyst (violet) crystals are best to be used for emotional or psychological healing. Rose quartz (pink) is also a multipurpose color. It is not as powerful as clear quartz but has the advantage of projecting a softer and more loving energy that is easily absorbed by the subject’s body.

Shape: The energy always flows out of the point. Single terminated is the most functional shape. The single termination allows one to channel tremendous amounts of energy in one direction: through the pointed end. Double terminated is ideal only for self healing, not for healing others.

Size: It is important that the crystal long enough to be held comfortably like a pen, with both front and back parts of the crystal exposed. This allows energy to flow in from the back and project out of the point, adding to the powerful flow of energy already flowing from the healer’s hand. Diameter determines how strong the overall flow is. The wider the crystal the wider the energy beam.

Master Stephen Co is the senior disciple of GrandMaster Choa Kok Sui and chief facilitator of Pranic Healing® classes in the U.S. Master Co will hold a workshop entitled "Pranic Healing and the Miracle of Crystals" on Tuesday, September 16 at 7:30pm. The workshop will be held at Aquarian Dreams, 414 N. Miramar Ave. in Indialantic. Workshop is free. Call 321-729-9495 for details. Visit and view CBS News coverage online.

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