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Organic Produce Delivered

Apr 04, 2011 05:27PM

To give families a healthier, fresher, and cost-effective alternative to store bought produce, Fresh Box Organics is offering home delivery service. You can select to receive organic fruit, vegetable, or mixed fruit/veggie boxes. Fresh Box Organics chooses contents based on the freshest arrivals from their organic farms. Different size boxes contain varying amount and types of produce such as such as apples, mangoes, oranges, strawberries, cucumbers, gold peppers, romaine lettuce, fennel, tangelos, zucchini, beets, carrots, celery, chard, avocado, and pears.

The service offers competitive pricing that often beats local grocery stores and it arrives directly to the customer’s door. Lucinda Clark, CEO, says, “It is our mission to create a more socially-just food system by buying from smaller family farms. This establishes a cleaner environment by sourcing organically grown/produced food and developing a sustainable food system. This bridges the gap between farmers and consumers by lessening the miles from farm to fork.” During the growing season, produce generally moves from farm to table in 24-48 hours; in the off months, about four days. Fresh organic produce is delivered throughout most Orlando and Space Coast communities.

For more information, call 321-821-7610, email [email protected], or visit to order online.

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